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About Us

Our story started off as two love struck high school sophomores.  At this point, neither were birders, but enjoyed doing many things together.

After high school, Hannah went off to Oregon State University to change the world and Erik started to work straight off.  During their time apart, there were many texts and calls and tried to see each other often.

As with many students, Hannah found their calling while at Oregon State University in a Biology of Birds course taught by Dr. Duggar.  This class was a requirement and Hannah took it as it was the lesser of evils for required classes.  The course went on as they do....lectures, quizzes, and then the class made it to the midterm.  The first question read: How does a Junco fly?  Hannah sat and stared at that question for a few minutes trying to figure out what it meant.  She knew a Junco was a bird, based on prior class discussion, but had no idea what it looked like or little on their flight pattern.  After plenty of time, she made a guess: they jump and glide.  This of course was wrong.  This was the point in which she decided to learn what a Dark-eyed Junco is on her first birding outing.  In addition to this moment, Dr. Duggar punctuated each class and lesson with a short video from Sir David Attenborough's Life of Birds.  She quickly bought the series and


Hannah and Erik watched it shortly after.  Although Erik hadn't taken this course, he quickly excelled in the hobby.  Many weekends were spent at a park or refuge learning more and experiencing all that nature has to offer.

Dr. Duggar's Biology of Birds helped to shape Hannah and Erik's life and has opened their eyes to a world of birds.  Which has led to rewarding experiences and careers.  In their free time, they travel the world to see some of those 10,000+ bird species that we share this world with.  They also love to volunteer, meet others, and experience new things.

After graduating from college and tying the knot, their next adventure took them to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, one of the most amazing birding locations in the USA.  This led to opportunities in Houston, Tallahassee, Florida, before landing back home in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  They spend each free time exploring, crossing birds off their list, and adventuring to new places.  Not only do they watch birds, they also enjoy watching butterflies, dragonflies, and a variety of other insects.  They also camp, kayak, road trip, bike, and more!

Hannah and Erik decided to start this podcast to inspire others, share their adventures, and hopefully encourage future and present birders.  We thank you for checking out our website and hope that you might try birding, if you haven't done so before.

When not out and about, we own and operate the Sea Breeze Court in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  It's a great place to see Tufted Puffins, Black Oystercatchers, cormorants, and more in the spring and summer and Varied Thrushes, Dark-eyed Juncos in the winter.

Want to see Tufted Puffins?
We do lead walks out to see our Tufted Puffins at Haystack Rock when our schedule allows.  They are around from April to if you are visiting Cannon Beach in that time - drop us a line and we'll try to show off one of our favorite species.
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