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Websites We Like


eBird is a super useful website and app that will help you track your bird sightings.  This program is also great for trip planning, light birder stalking, and for general bird inquiries.


iNaturalist is a fun way to learn what's around you and contribute to citizen science.  Don't know what a plant/animal is?  Upload a picture and SOMEONE will tell you!


All About Birds is truly a valuable resource for beginners and advanced birders alike.  Not only can you find all the information and facts, there are also many photos and sounds that can be played.  


National Audubon Society is a main player in conservation of Important Bird Areas (IBA) and supports advocacy and education.  There's also many local chapters nationwide that you can join.

Get Started with Community Science


Not only is eBird an incredibly useful website and app for our own self interests, but the data that is submitted into it helps effect real change.  By submitting sightings, you are taking part in adding more to what we know about birds and helping scientists and decision makers learn more.


iNaturalist is a fun way to learn more.  This tool made community science fun and something easy for everyone to do!  Just add photos of anything and go into help identify what others have added.

Print these cards double-sided on a standard Avery Business Card Template,  Now...get out there and attract more eBirders!

eBird Outreach Cards

Useful Birding Mobile Phone Apps


Birda is a fun, easy-to-use app that you can use to track your bird sightings and connect with other birders.

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iBird Pro is our preferred mobile guide.  Although you do have to pay for the service, we find that it is well worth the funds.

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Don't lug around a heavy field guide - get the app instead!  The Sibley eGuide to Birds App has all the content from the books and calls and sounds and personal logs.


The Merlin Bird ID is a great resource for beginners AND advanced birders.  By answering several easy questions about a bird, it gives you several suggestions as to what it might be!

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