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"Who run the world? Girls" - Beyonce

One of the first things we say at the beginning of every podcast episode is that "the opinions we mention in our podcast and ours and they may differ from yours"... so please keep that in mind for our website as well.  

This page is not to be "hateful towards men" or "ultra-feminist" in anyway, but it is our opinion that the birding community and fame has been dominated by men for many years and it is just beginning to really promote women in the same way.  There are incredible women out there doing some really cool stuff and we hope to give them some credit for the great stuff they do to empower others to take part in birding, conservation, and more.  

If you know about any resources that should be added, please send them our way!  We can't scour the internet all the time to see what's new or what we've missed, we need your help to do that!

Please check out the buttons to below to find more information about women in birding:

Birding Groups

There are more and more birding groups that are inclusive and support all walks of life.  Click the links to find out more and how to join. 
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